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Stomp and Fly Rocket

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The Stomp and Fly Rocket launcher is designed to use the power of your legs to launch a foam projectile up to and over 30 metres into the air! 

When the stomping pressure is applied to the air bladder, the air inside is expelled from the bladder. This air has nowhere to go except through the connecting hose and into the body of the rocket. This pressurisation of the air inside the hollow body of the rocket causes the air to once again need to escape, so it is forced towards the only opening at the rear of the rocket. It causes the rocket to accelerate upwards along the launch shaft
and then lift into the sky. Direction of flight can be controlled by the angle of the launch shaft tube.

The 25 cm x 17.5 cm x 6 cm box contains wooden parts, nuts and bolts for the launch platform, foam rocket blades, a straw, stomp chamber and tube; everything you need to build and get your rocket soaring through the sky!