Rainbow Diamond Kite

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This is what we think of when we say 'kid's kite' - classic diamond shape, quite big , tail for stability. Single line, 25 meters. Assembly required, but it's easy and there are illustrated instructions. Polyester nylon and plastic stays - ok in fresh breezes but beware of strong gusts. Part of the HQ- invento range (THE kite makers). Rainbow colours for good visibility. Excellent kite for family outings to beach or park. 6-12 year olds, with a little help in launching. 
The kite-flyer stands downwind (so s/he feels the wind changes before the kite does), the launcher stretches the string out. On a count of 3 the launcher throws kite upwards AND the kite-handler pulls the string in - this makes the kite fly upwards.. Pull string in to fly higher, let it out to cope with a fresh breeze.